How we implement ideas and
customer requirements

The overall purpose and objective in our commissions is always business benefit. The aim of our methodology is to deliver solutions and services that generate value at the agreed cost and delivery time.

We apply Scrum as a basis for our own projects. We deliver business benefit every 2–3 weeks and during the course of the project you will be able to see your solution evolve and have ongoing control of the results so that they turn out as you want them – in other words, the customer is in the driver's seat. We are careful to ensure which business requirements a solution has to fulfill.

Instead of producing a detailed functional specification for the entire solution, we usually make a rough plan. With this as a our starting point we break the project down into one or more “sprints” – functional, deliverable blocks which take 2–3 weeks to deliver. A sprint is a mini-project where the project team works in daily meetings and adjusts the work to achieve the goals that have been set.

As a project owner you are engaged in continuous discussions with our project manager and together we are able to adapt the work and goals during implementation of the sprint.


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We are good at

Business requirements and processes

We are careful to ensure which solutions are to be achieved. We like to get involved in the process at an early stage in order to influence functionality and requirements together with the customer. Which functions will the system need in order to achieve the business demands?

Offshore – a challenge for others, easy and natural for us

All our development takes place through our company Obiq Russia LLC. Working with Obiq is like working with any other Swedish IT supplier. We do all the work with our customers from our office in Stockholm. Stockholm manages “the factory” in Russia.

Compared with traditional development companies working with offshore, we have close contact with the developers. Developers come to the office in Stockholm at regular intervals.

Interaction design

We design the web with an alignment towards performance and usefulness. The graphic design must suit the context while simultaneously emphasising accessibility and experience.

Cost advantage

Obiq's business model allows us to maintain a very competitive price level, thanks to the low cost level of our development resources. We not only have lower costs, our model entails us having senior developers with good availability, many years of experience and education to postgraduate level. Obiq prices are 30–50% lower than those of our competitors.

.NET technologies

We use .NET as our techincal platform, in a typical project we can use ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, AngularJS, HTML and MS SQL Server. We develop in and upgrade to most recent versions and technologies as far as feasible.

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